About Us

Khadga Entertainment is an Indian game development start-up company. We design and develop mobile games of different genre.


To create excitement and immersive experience in gamers by delivering vibrant entertainment.


To make mobile gaming a major source of entertainment and make our company synonymous to entertainment in gaming.

Our Services

Game Prototype

Given the game requirements, we will provide you with prototype for the game

Game design and development

If you have any game idea, we are here to create a great design and deliver you with the complete developed game

Reskinning a game

You have a game that you think needs a polish, we are here for you.

Our Process

We prefer innovation over invention. Our aim is to deliver fun. In our every step, we check the fun element in the game. If there is no fun, we eliminate that step. Even at the end of game development, if the fun element is merely missing, the developed game will not reach the audience.

After establishing the logical cornerstones of the game, we create a real world simulation of the game idea. Not only does this let us experience the game from different perspective, but also helps us in identifying limitations, boundaries and actual scope of the game.

Ideation is followed by rapid prototyping. We roll out a prototype for any given game in no more than 5 days. We have a passionate and experienced development team which makes hard things easy for us. Development is carried in sprints where each sprint delivers a releasable product. Product is tested thoroughly at each and every step of development by our quality assurance team which is secret of our perfection.














One-day Games

At Khadga Entertainment, Sundays are fun days. Weekends are something that we look forward to. We discovered that games are more fun and exciting when we take the business part out of the equation. Come Sunday, everyone brings his/her ideas for game to the table. We, as a team, pool the unique ideas and build a game from ground up.
Don't believe us? Here are some results of our crazy brainstorming sessions.

Meet our Team

Passionate can only go so far when it comes to describing the team here at Khadga Entertainment. We, as a collective unit, believe in the fact that hard work can trump skill on any given day provided we use it in the correct direction. That coupled with an eye for detail and fanatic love for gaming is something that we thrive upon and will continue to do till we contribute a sizeable amount to the creed that is gaming.

Naveen J

Sree Swetha K

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